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"Zan Bezan"

"Zan Bezan" (Women, Sing) is Liraz's call to join her personal revolution, a revolution expressed in song and dance, encouraging women to work for positive change and female freedom in the Middle East and around the globe.

Liraz Charhi is a singer, songwriter, actress and cultural activist with deep personal ties to Persian traditions. Her family (Persian Jews) emigrated to Israel during the 70’s, just as the Iranian Revolution was taking shape. It was in the Persian community of Tehrangeles, Los Angeles that she discovered not only new sounds, but a new way of expressing her music in modern terms and contemporary politics, especially about the role of woman in society, as you can hear in this song.

She has a new album coming out in March of 2020.
Find out more about Lizaz online.


I want to sing it out loud
To shout it from inside

Uprooted and empty,
asleep and awake
When I sing
I dream of Tehran
My arrows stand
steady and aimed
As the lashes of my eyes
To fire for our freedom

Woman, give it on the head
Women, sing it
You’re allowed to dance
You’re allowed to sing
You’re allowed to rejoice

We are women

Together we’ll make a revolution
Until when will we be quiet
Until when will we lower our heads
Until when will we bend our knees
Until where?

Gordafarid is the heroine of an epic poem of Persia. She is a symbol of courage and wisdom for Iranian women.

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