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May, 2024 Music of the Month selection
Faraualla - Culla e Tempesta


Acapella singing is the poetry of sound in its purest form. It is naked, unencumbered and yet, this undressed music can sound like an orchestra in the right hands. - Lisa Sahulka in her RootsWorld review.

The Sea is a Culla e Tempesta, a Cradle and a Storm. Nature, mistreated by man and never yielding, is a Cradle and a Storm. Children, the true victims of these dark times, who suffer without understanding why but who inexorably seek the joy of living, are a Cradle and a Storm. Our new work is dedicated to Nature and Children. - Faraualla

Culla e Tempesta - cd cover

For 3 decades, the women of Faraualla have been swimming among the vocal expressions of different ethnic groups and historical eras. For Gabriella Schiavone, Teresa Vallarella, Maristella Schiavone and Loredana Savino, each composition has an atmosphere that fascinates, or an image or certain feeling as its starting point and inspiration, which the expressive immediacy of the voice portrays."

Culla e Tempesta is a testimony to ancient music relived in the 21st Century, with covers and original songs, lyrics in Italian, in regional dialect, and in English, and in imaginary languages and vocal sounds.

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