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In their admixture of instruments both commonly (guitar, trombone, banjo, sitar) and not so commonly (nail violin, mandolauoto, alto saxhorn, sousaphone) heard, Elixir the band bring truth of evocation to everything they touch. - Tyran Grillo, in his RootsWorld review

Our September 2019 selection for Music of the Month
Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns, with Michel Massot

The artists say: This crafty concoction brings to mind ancient art works and faraway lands. Oriental melodies take the form of a folk dance or a medieval walk. These three alchemists brew sounds in quest of the “philomusical’s stone”. They experiment, improvise and invent in their secret laboratory filled with strange instruments, such as the viola d’amore, mandolauoto, psaltery, nail violin, sousaphone, and sitar. Some had been specially fabricated by stringed instrument makers for this project. For this project, Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns invited the legendary Michel Massot, master of brass instruments, for a golden opus!

The CDs were donated to RootsWorld by the artists and We thank them, and you, for supporting the magazine and radio porgram.

Listen to some exceprts from the album:




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