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Our Music of the Month selections for January 2023
Music from Denmark

This month we're offering a selection of Danish roots music from our long time partners and friends at Go' Danish Folk Music.

Henriette Flach

Flach has already shown her talents as an instrumentalist. Now she shines as a composer, too. - Chris Nickson

As a violinist, nyckelharpist and harding fiddle player, Flach performs around the Nordic count5ries with projects such as Tailcoat, Penny Pascal and Mynsterland. She writes about this new recording, "The inspiration for the music arose through my many contrasting experiences of recent years. From experiences of a time where everything feelt warm and good to experiences where the world seemed cold and difficult."


Lea Havelund

Cellist and singer Lea Havelund creates a poetic universe where her voice blends warmly with the cello. Her education in classical music, her musical instincts, and ear for all kinds of music enable her to compose and arrange original works that result is a sound that is unique and personal. Like so much of the music we love here at RootsWorld, this is an album that defies simple categorization, usinc tradition as a springboard for new sounds.
VentedeVen is the title of her upcoming album, in duo with Mads Søndergaard on piano and accordion.

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Jens Ulvsand
Trad-Groove 1 & 2
Go` Danish Folk Music

A pair of EPs from the Swedish bouzouki player, who's probably most familiar as a member of the Danish Trio Mio. Trad-Groove 1 adds other strongs percussion, melodica and some electronics. The second EP is all-acoustic with Ulvsand adding guitars to the bouzouki.

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