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"Como una Flor sin Raices offers a harmonious integration of two continents and their cultures that in a sense belies its title. Yes, it takes on the vertigo of love, the swirling of the seas, windswept people and populations, the uncertainty of survival like a flower adrift without visible roots, but it is firmly grounded by the musical traditions of Lia Naviliat Cuncic's nomadic passages." - Carolina Amoruso, in her RootsWorld review.

A Music of the Month selection
Lia's Como Una Flor Sin Raíces

French based artist Lia Naviliat Cuncic draws from the heart of her South American origins to give life to music with rich colors, inhabited by the rhythms of cumbia and the dancing accents of Latin percussion. In her first recording, Como Una Flor Sin Raíces (entirely written in Spanish), she shares her reflections on her origins and aspirations as a woman grappling with contemporary reality.

The song “Como Una Flor Sin Raíces” recounts the quest for identity of those who had to flee their native land. She has surrounded herself with long-time friends to accompany her on this first disc. Santiago Gervasoni is a pianist, harpsichordist and clavichordist from Nantes, of Argentine origin, who eases between jazz and classical repertoires. Lucas Henri and Paul Héroux are from Caen, France. Lucas, trained bassist and multi-instrumentalist brings contrast, depth and singularity to the group's compositions. Paul, percussionist and drummer drives the dancing rhythms and the depth of the bombo used for Lia's songs to give this set an organic and sensual sound.

Listen "Como Una Flor Sin Raíces" (excerpt)
Listen "Pachamama" (excerpt)

Please note: The CD will be out in late February, 2023. Subscribers will receive the CD as close to release as possibe.

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