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A journey into music that honors and reinterprets the colors of the earth.
Music for accordion, percussion and voice from Salento and the world

Our June 2019 selection for Music of the Month
Rachele Andrioli & Rocco Nigro

For these two musicians, everything they play is in profound relationship with tradition. It is something devotional, something you cannot do without. The texts of a popular repertoire seem clear and explicit at first reading, but they reveal implications and ambiguities as you go deepr. For them, there is a "Salentine melancholy" in the music. The duo draws from a succession of popular diaries, tributes to female voices and unpublished songs. They move from the traditional music of Southern Italy to Italian popular song (Gabriella Ferri, Domenico Modugno, etc) and the rest of the world (Edith Piaf, Amalia Rodriguez, Chavela Vargas).

Rachele Andrioli has a voice with a deep and unmistakable timbre, that spans a wide range of the "Canzoniere," from the traditional to the contemporary, from the music of Salento to the world of French chanson, Portuguese fado and global jazz.

Rocco Nigro is an accordionist and composer who, starting from the tradition of southern Italy, has explored the musical territories of tango, Balkan, klezmer and Sephardic music, searching for ways to make it contemporary and relevant without pulling up the roots.

Together they have created an album of rich diversity.

Listen to some exceprts from the album:


"Ninna nanna"




"Nunna Nunna"

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