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Moussu T e lei Jovents
(World Village / PIAS)

In his review of some previous recordings by this Occitan group from the south coast of France, David Cox wrote, "Great music's inspiration often stems from a time and place. With Moussu T e lei Jovents, that spot on the map is La Ciotat, a small city near Marseilles." Michael Stone wrote that their "low-key musical misadventures, infectious insouciance and easy lyricism are welcome antidote to the bad taste, predatory grasp and widening desolation of contemporary global capitalism."

About this new recording, the band themselves say "Often, Moussu T e lei Jovents’ albums are written ‘under the totem’, as Tatou would say, i.e. under the influence of the visuals chosen for the cover. For Navega!, Blu sketched a group of labourers overshadowed by the silhouettes of the ships and the crane of a port, à la Fernand Léger – one of his major influences both for his art and also for his vision of a changing world in the 30s and 40s. And this album draws widely on the memory of labourers from Marseilles and La Ciotat, on their awareness of struggles past and present, and on the insolent pride of working class neighbourhoods…"

I'm pleased to offer their 2016 release as RootsWorld Music of the Month in October.

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Cliff Furnald, editor

Listen to the full track, "Cosmopolida," courtesy of the artists


And a few excerpts:

La Balada D' Henri Diffonty

Vaici Marselha

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