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Deeps roots and new sounds from Mali

Our March 2019 selection for Music of the Month
Hama Sankare's Niafunke

Sankaré is not just preserving this music, he is passionately bringing it to the next generation. - Alex Brown, RootsWorld

Listen to some exceprts from the album:



Tiega Mali

Dewel Wege


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Niafunke is the second album by Hama Sankare, legend of Mali's desert blues. It was recorded March 2018 in Bamako. Sankare brought into the studio dynamic young headliners, Oumar Konate, Dramane Toure and Makan Camara along with long time colleagues Afel Bocoum, Yoro Cisse, Kande Sissoko and Sekou Toure to forge a set of tracks that breath new energy into the genre while honoring its traditional roots.

The album is named for Niafunke, a city in Mali along the Niger River, where Sankare continues to live with his family. He, Bocoum and Cisse were contemporary collaborators of Ali Farka Toure whose home was also there. They can be heard on many of Farka’s albums.

Photos by Chris Nolan, Clermont Music


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