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Antonis Antoniou

Review by Nondas Kitsos

You went against angels, you climbed on sparks
you fluttered like a bird on erect antennae
You tickled fat necks, you dazed the winds
but souls are witches, tight, adopted

Throisma is hardcore, really hardcore, but please don’t let that get between you and this music, because this may be one of the most interesting recordings you will come across this year.

Regular readers know Antonis Antoniou as a member of Monsieur Doumani, so let's be clear, this has nothing to do with that band. This is a rock record with a 70s vibe, yet with a very 21st Century electronic undertone, and very clear Eastern detailing. For those lucky enough to understand Greek, you’ll find a Cypriot artist, singing in the local dialect with its very characteristic cadences and hard consonants.

In previous interviews Antoniou has mentioned that this is a post-lockdown record and you can see that in the precision of the production and the multi-layered sounds.


Who’s spitting into your insides
putting out the fire’s tongue
who’s milking the silence
eh, that’s showing you the way.

What’s he whispering in your ear
lullabying you like a baby
a black python will constrict
eh, and strangle you.

There is a hint of rage, but also a spirit of celebration, an undercurrent of knowing that your life can be turned upside down or even ended without notice, regardless of your age. This is the music people make after realizing that presidents can get assassinated, students killed, wars started, but that in the end personal joy can and should be celebrated, regardless.

Standout tracks include the title track, “Throisma” (Rustling), “Yiorti” (Feast), and "Skarta Dora" (Useless Gifts), even though you’ll most likely want to listen to this record in a single go.


I can't say I’ll have this record on steady replay, but I foresee coming back to it to enjoy now and again.

Find out more about the artist online.

Read Cliff Furnald's review and listen to Antoniou's previous recording, Kkismettin.

Photo: Sebastian Pena

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