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Daniel Cros
Sed de Viaje

Review by David Cox

Daniel Cros, a singer-songwriter based in Barcelona, presents a likeable 10-tune collection of songs about travelling, evoking voyages to Latin America, France and elsewhere.

Cros’s credits include groups such as Brighton 64 and El Instante, and he began his solo career in 1995 with Angel venido a mi Ventana, the first of at least a half-dozen solo efforts. He also founded the Rosazul recording studio in Barcelona.

Sed de Viaje does not break a lot of new ground musically, but successfully presents a very likeable selection with his warm, calm voice and compelling acoustic guitar. He opens the disc with “Andar” a pleasant acoustic ballad which can be enjoyed along with the video, shot in Montevideo, Uruguay.

(At the end of this review is a nice version of the song with Madagascar's Kilema that does not appear on the disc, that I think is quite interesting.)

This version of “Ca Va,” however does appear on the disc, with the great Madagacar artist once again, in a story of a confused French tourist.

The title track is another tune about the “thirst for travel” that’s both enjoyable and memorable, and features a fine contribution by violinist Carol Duran.

Another highlight, “Incluso esto Pasara” (This Too Shall Pass) is a Bolero cha cha witten by Theodore Tilton which Cros sings as a duet with Silvia Penide, the Galician singer. Recorded in A Coruña, it features the trumpet and trombone.

There is another very pretty (and at times challenging) duet, this time with Argentinian folksinger Seba Garay. “Empezo a Nevar” (It Begins to Snow) also features a lovely acoustic guitar part by Cros.

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