"Niels Jørgensens Polka / Rumlekvadrillen"

Harald Haugaard and Morten Alfred Høirup
Duo for Violin and Guitar
Blue Apple

Haugaard and Hoirup From Denmark comes a simple recording of guitar and fiddle. Høirup's guitar work has been featured on many recordings in the past decade, most notably with the American Café Orchestra, a Nordic-American hybrid where he has gotten to show off both folk and jazz chops. His 1998 solo album Vingarden has received critical praise for its subtle innovations and masterful playing. Harald Haugaard is an award winning fiddler with a graceful yet visceral style that owes as much to American country and swing as it does to the folk music of Denmark. Duo for Violin and Guitar is an elegant adventure in folk melodies and dance numbers, played without restraint and with plenty of unexpected turns of phrase. The tunes may be traditional Danish, but the renderings are au courant, personal and exuberant. The pleasure in such a recording is in the exchange of ideas evident in each tune, as two excellent musicians both share the spotlight and vie for center stage. - CF

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