Aman Aman
By Jaakko Laitinen

World is dreaming but I was again unable to sleep
I am whispering your name until the early morning

Aman, aman - love can
Aman, aman - move mountains

taste of paradise, of different kind of land
touched my lips as it was passing by me

I am intoxicated by wine and singing a song
time and space are separating us from each other
aman aman - it is hidden in everything
aman aman - original reason of existence
hand in hand we were watching the flames
but like cowards we went back to our old ways

The city is waking up but I am still awake
shadows and memories are my only company
Aman, aman -  I am watching at the darkness
Aman, aman - we believed in love
The fate is ruling by the strictest law
death is the destination of everything existing

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