Kukkakimppa kainalossa (a bouquet of flowers under my arm)
By Jaakko Laitinen

Do you brothers still remember my beautiful friend?
are the stars rotating - or just my head?

I am not feeling any bitterness even that she left me
not many ever get to love anyone so beautiful

  A bouquet of flowers under my arm
  I am strolling around in summer night  
  this is the time when lovers are at work

Another day turned in to night, stars are sailing at the sky
new love under my arm, I am thinking about my old sweetheart

The birch's branches were fluttering, the wind ceased at the evening
while I was kissing my sweetheart, I thought something borrowed was my own

   Bouquet of flowers...

Bumblebee flew in to flower and thrusted a pike on my fingertip
also love leaves a mark on our hearts

Sing o brothers, if I cease to sing
As soon as I wake up I want to hear a dear song

  Bouquet of flowers...

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