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Matt the Electrician
The Ocean Knocked Me Down
Artist release
Review by Cliff Furnald


cd cover We've been hearing a lot of quirky new music lately that takes the singer-songwriter genre and turns it more than a little atilt. Matt the Electrician is one of the latest curios to cross my desk. Matthew Sever is the tradesman in question, and The Ocean Knocked Me Down is his 11th album, and yet, it's the first to ever cross my path.

Written in the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, it has more than its share of challenging moments to recount, and yet each one comes back around to the feelings of hope and resolve expressed in the albums title. And not just a little humor.


I went swimming in the ocean, but the ocean knocked me down
I thought I could walk through waves, but the ocean knocked me down
I got up but I lost a step, cause the ocean knocked me down
Now Iím home with a broken phone, cause the ocean knocked me down

It's all played out simply by Sever on guitar, piano, ukulele and banjo, with flourishes of things like horns, mellotron, percussion and bass provided by a few guests. He sings about watching golf on TV, a visit to the post office, further adventures with the sea, promises failed and promises kept. When he invokes travel, it's to see the realistic side of it, like staying at a Holiday Inn Express.


I woke up in the middle of the night in a Holiday Inn Express
I didnít know what time it was cause my eyes were adjusting to the darkness
I wasnít sure if I heard a loud noise or I had a bad dream instead
So I stared at the ceiling waiting on the feeling of sleepiness to put me back to bed
And I thought about the bills that I hadnít yet paid and the money that I hadnít yet made
And the A/C broke and the heatís no joke, itís a hundred and 6 in the shade

Everythingís bad, everythingís worse
Weíve all been had, weíve all been cursed
So, chop wood, carry water before itís too late
If life is suffering, then itís going great.

It's nothing too deep, nothing too shallow, just simple songs about getting through life, hanging on to your sanity and keeping your head above water. He's not here to do major repairs, but he's sure to change a few lightbulbs for you, if you ask him to.

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