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Some Of Our Favorite Songs from 2018

So much great music passes through our door every year, and in the magazine and on the radio, I try to sort it out as best as I can, with the help of a very dedicated group of volunteer writers. So this year, with the input of some of those writers, I am presenting a series of radio shows picking out some of our favorite songs from the last year. The following playlists are the songs we choose for their strength and beauty. They are not ranked, simply presented in a mostly uninterrupted hour of music. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. - CF

RootsWorld Radio #276 & #277 include songs chosen by Cliff Furnald, David Cox, George De Stefano, Tom Orr, Tyran Grillo, Alex Brown and Michael Stone. Links to articles and reviews below.

world music Karine Polwart
"Laws of Motion"
From the album Laws of Motion (Hudson Records)
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world music Ry Cooder
The Prodigal Son

world music Cesare Dell’Anna and GirodiBanda
11/8 Records
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world music Suistamon Sähkö
"Humani Hei"
Etkot, ресторан ja etnoteknoa
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world music Minyeshu
"Hailo Gaja"
Daa Dee
ARC Music
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world music Philippe El Hage and Youssef Hbeisch
Asrar (Secrets)
Artist release
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world music Jean-Baptiste Ferré
"Samba Bacanale"
In Ouïe
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world music Rinde Eckert
"Bar Fight"
The Natural World
National Sawdust Tracks / Songtone Productions
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world music Monsieur Doumani
"Hey You"
Artist release
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world music Doctor Nativo
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world music SANS
"The Walking Song"
Cloud Valley
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world music Ann O'aro
"Lo Shien"
Ann O'aro
Cobalt / Buda Musique
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world music Delgrès
"Mo Jodi"
Mo Jodi
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world music Accordion Samurai
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world music Jowee Omicil
"Rara Demare"
Love Matters
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world music Daniel Kahn & Painted Bird
"Freedom is a Verb"
The Butcher's Share

world music Jean-Baptiste Ferre
"La Mamba"
In Ouïe
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world music Maarja Nuut & Ruum
"Haned Kadunud"

world music Ayn Trio
Music of Basel Zayed
artist release
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world music Moira Smiley
Unzip the Horizon
artist release
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world music Tania Saleh
"Happy About Something"
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world music Giulio Bianco
Di zampogne, partenze e poesia
Puglia Sounds
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world music Solju
"Oðða Áigodat"
Oðða Áigodat
Bafe's Factory
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world music John Prine
"Caravan of Fools"
Tree of Forgiveness
Oh Boy

world music John Minton
"New Delia"
Murder in the Cornfield
artist release

world music Monsieur Doumani
"Drinking and Kissing"
artist release
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